First Aid

/First Aid

“First aid training was excellent!! Thanks Chris burgess really enjoyed the course. Definitely going to help me out in the long run!”...

Kang Kayy

First Aid Course

"Practical knowledge and experience of the teacher made the class more interesting."...

Graham Klemk

First Aid Course

"I now feel more confident in providing first aid assistance. The practicals and class interactions were good and we had an informative instructor who taught simply!"...

Viliami Matu

First Aid Course

"The course was easy to understand, the materials were substantial, the trainer was friendly and was a good environment!"...

Kamrul Hasan

First Aid Course

"We learnt through the use of practical exercises and life experience from the trainer...

Polixeni Hasapis

First Aid Course

"It was knowledgeable, to the point, very rarely off topic and was fun!"...

Isreal Fifield

First Aid Course

"The course was conducted professionally and at a reasonable pace, clearly explaining the fundamentals involved in conducting First Aid."...

Qeron Bhardwaj

First Aid Course

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