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Allies Training NSW Advance LT Online Course enables holders to The Liquor Regulation 2018 requires all license types classified as Tier 2 to complete Advanced Licensee training.

Trainees must have a current LT competency card and have sufficient English literacy and be able to read and write in English.

From $289  (Inc. Card Fee)

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  • Liquor & Gaming NSW Approved 2023-2028
  • Express Online Training (EOT) has been approved by Liquor & Gaming NSW to deliver Advanced Licensee Training NSW in 2023-2028 via virtual classroom

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NSW Advance Licensee Training Course

The NSW government is mandating Advanced Licensee (ALT) for hospitality or liquor business to operate hours after midnight. Gain the mandatory qualifications to manage and operate a high-risk business as a licensee, understanding complicated legislation and compliance to support your business from the bottom up.

Trainees must have a current LT competency card and have sufficient English literacy and be able to read and write in English.

Who can take this Advance Licensee Training?

  • Those authorised to trade after midnight or otherwise have extended late-night trading hours.
  • Authorisation on more than 12 occasions in any 12-month period.
  • Certain on-premises business types, such as nightclubs, adult relaxation entertainment venues and karaoke bars.
  • Licensees or businesses subject to a regulatory scheme.
  • Those nominated by Liquor & Gaming NSW or the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (the Authority).

This guarantees that senior management is well-informed about their responsibilities in minimizing harm, enabling them to influence the venue culture positively.


To undertake this training, it is COMPULSORY that students:

  1. Bring photo ID on the day. This could be a driver’s license, passport or photo ID.
  2. You must be able to read and write in English. If you have difficulty, we recommend you call us before making a booking.
  3. Have a current valid LT competency card. If you do not have a valid LT card that is current, we have online course dates here
  4. A computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera, speakers, microphone and stable internet connection.

more information can be gained from: or on (02) 9557 7466. 



    1. Can I do this course without a Licensee Training?
      You must have a valid LT card. If you do not have a valid LT card, you can book for the LT course here.
    2. I did my LT, but it has expired. Can I still do this course?
      You must have a valid LT card
    3. How will the training day look like?
      You will have a theory component, practical component, then an assessment at the end of the day. Once you have completed the course, you will receive your interim via email or printed on the day.
    4. Are you accredited?
      Yes! We are approved under Liquor and Gaming NSW. All our trainers are also approved, with extensive experience in the industry. We assure you, that you will have a great learning experience!
    5. How the course is delivered?
      Course will be delivered via ZOOM. Duration of course is about 7 hours excluding break and Course Administration

Course Work Flow

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7 hours (excl lunch break)

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Key Topics

Advanced Licensee training is an course for those who may operate a business in a higher risk environment.

Advanced Licensee training covers topics are designed to support you to:

  • Overview of liquor regulation in higher risk environments in NSW
  • Build a culture of compliance in your business
  • Government and industry approaches to minimise alcohol related harms
  • Best practice strategies and minimising risk of alcohol related harms in your business.

Unit Facts

Unit Name: Advance Licensee Training

Delivery Method: Online Course – ZOOM

7 hours excl. lunch break

From $289 ONLY! No hidden costs! Incl. license fee!

An interim certificate will be issued to candidates that have successfully completed the course. Trainees will then need to visit Service NSW with their Interim Certificate and Identification to update their Competency Card. A new Competency Card will be mailed to the applied address and is valid for five years.

Payment: Credit Card, Direct Deposit, PayPal, Over the phone

Unit Overview

Advance Licensee Training

Operating a licensed premises entails significant responsibility, especially in higher-risk environments. As a licensee or manager, staying informed about additional obligations is crucial.

Research underscores the heightened risk of assaults between midnight and 3 am, particularly during large events like music festivals.

Our government-approved course equips you with strategies to prevent alcohol-related harms. Take a proactive, risk-based approach, lead your staff, and engage with the community to foster a safe and sustainable industry.

Join us and elevate your expertise. Enrol today to lead responsibly and contribute to a vibrant, thriving industry.

Refund Policy

Cancellations less than 7 days will receive not refund. Full course fee must be paid for future courses. Cancellations after the course date will not be valid, full fee must be paid for future courses.

For more refund information, contact us or please refer to pages 10 and 11 of the student handbook.

7 day written notice is required for cancellations.

Meet the Trainers

Chris Burgess

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Imran Ali

Imran has been involved in the security industry for the past 15 years. He commenced his career as a security officer…

John McPhilbin

John has been involved in the security industry for 15 years. During this time he was employed as a security operations manager…

Robert Gillespie

Robert has been involved in law enforcement for approximately 22 years, in the capacity of Detective and Detective Sergeant…

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