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Security Training Center, Security Education Academy

At Allies Security Services, we believe in listening to our clients.
Here is what our past students have to say about their training and assessment experiences with us:

Security Training

"The trainer went through and explained everything to us correctly and helped us when we needed it... I learnt all the extra credentials I needed to and the self study helped us to understand everything clearly."

Linda Glodek

"Great class, sufficient training materials and most of all a trainer who is professional yet has a great sense of humour to make the class more enjoyable... The trainer was very helpful, professional and knowledgeable."

Mark Herrer

"I was provided with a great course. The trainer was great, and engaged with the class well... Best aspects would have to be the learning process, the trainer was extremely helpful and all the information was relevant! The class wasn't boring and we were taught well."

Samet Dilber

'I've learnt about all the requirements for effective security personnel. The trainer was sensitive to the trainees needs for adequate break, reading and question times."

Jason Parker

"Excellent training and a quality trainer who provided feedback and encouragement throughout the learning process... The best aspects were the role play scenarios. They were both engaging and in line with the course content."

Jason Khoury


"Good communication provided, industry knowledge and very informative. The level of professionalism shown by the lecturers was great!"

Warren Moodie

"The relaxed approach to a very serious subject and concern shown to each student. Thought I was too old to do the course but now I feel confident to work in the industry!"

Robert Court

"Experienced and approachable trainer. Reading material was clear, concise and interesting!"

Lefteri Litras

"Intense course full of information making you feel confident to enter the Security industry... Learning from teachers who have had a lifetime of experience!"

Jacob Kazzi

"I have learnt alot in risk managment assessment, legislative requirements, communication skills and customer services skills. The role plays and interaction with other classmates was excellent. Learning all the information relating to the security industry."

Paul Tierney

"By providing alot of relevent information and skills through activities, workbooks, videos and roleplays."

Latifah Wipa

"The trainer was clear when teaching, helpful, respectful and patient with us, Overall he made it interesting."

Mohamad Geftlick

"Coming into the course I had very little knowledge about security. The course was above my expectiations. Everything was great, I have now learned more about the security industry than ever before. It has opened up my eyes!"

Robert Lochner

"This course reall met my expectations in learning and practice!"

Shady Mosa

"I'm really glad that I made it to the end. I have spent over 13 years in the Security Indurstry and couldn't believe how much I didn't know. Thank you Imran Ali."

John Vesic

"My expectations have been met by learning all of the do's and don'ts of the legal matters and to see how you communicate when you are in the job."

Daniel P

"Trainers were exceptionally good!"

Jacob W

"I have learned so much in terms of legislation and what opportunities the industry represents. It was an easy learning environment, whereby the trainers explained everything well. The stories that were shared between trainers and trainees were eye-opening!"

Saila S


First Aid

"It was knowledgeable, to the point, very rarely off topic and was fun!"

Isreal Fifield

"We learnt through the use of practical exercises and life experience from the trainer... I now feel better equipped for the possibility of an event that wouldrequire me to perform first aid."

Polixeni Hasapis

"The course was conducted professionally and at a reasonable pace, clearly explaining the fundamentals involved in conducting First Aid."

Qeron Bhardwaj

"The course was easy to understand, the materials were substantial, the trainer was friendly and was a good environment!"

Kamrul Hasan

"I now feel more confident in providing first aid assistance. The practicles and class interactions were good and we had an informative instructor who taught simply!"

Viliami Matu

 "Practical knowledge and experience of the teacher made the class more interesting."

Graham Klemke


White Card

"Easy learning by an experienced trainer with an abundance of knowledge! The trainer was patient and explained the correct and logical methods of work place safety."

Frank Tsahtirellis

 "Very helpful insight into safe work practices on a construction site."

Rhonda Kadi

"The course was finished nicely, all my expectations were fulfilled. Great trainer!"

Mohammad Rahaman

"I recieved so much information about hazards in the workplace and how to deal with it. I think the best aspects of learning in the course was the saftey assesments in the workplace, Risk assesments and saftey information."

Adnan Khan

"The Trainer was clear and precise with the information."

Sevelino K

"This course allowed me to work at my own pace and understand the information easier."

Latifah Wipa


"The trainer was enthusiastic and kept it interesting by using interactive discussions."

Chloe Baxendale

"The best aspects of the course were the trainer, the simple format and the availability."

Nathaniel Lee

"The trainer was very good with communciation and had a great sense of humour, so the course was more interesting."

Anthony Mansour

"Excellent teacher, made the course very interesting and enjoyable."

Qing Austen

"I would definitely recommend this course to friends. It was very informative and I look forward to doing the next Security certificate in the near future."