Allies Security - Mission Statement

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Security Training Courses

Our Vision

To build strong connections with industry stakeholders by offering quality training and assessment services which are trusted and valued by our clients.

Our Mission

To continuously improve our service standards to make valuable contributions towards the dynamic and vibrant Vocational Education Industry. We aim to exceed client expectations by constantly reviewing and improving our service standards based on feedback from industry stakeholders and industry advisors.

Allies Security Services Code of Practice

Allies Security Services Pty Ltd provides the highest standard of vocational education and training in Security Licensing Training and First Aid. Our Code of Practice outlines our operational policies and our commitment to our clients.

Allies Security Services:

  • Is committed to the continuous improvement of its training delivery and assessment services
  • Complies with all State and Territory regulatory and legislative requirements
  • Delivers all training and assessment services in accordance with the SNR Standards for Registered Training Organisations
  • Advertises and markets its training delivery services openly, honestly and with integrity
  • Provides accurate, relevant and up-to-date information to staff and students on licensing issues, fees and charges and training requirements
  • Recruits employees and accepts applicants to its courses on the basis of access and equity
  • Recognises qualifications issued by registered training organisations within the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Provides up-to-date facilities and equipment in a safe and healthy environment
  • Prohibits discrimination in any form towards any group or individual
  • Conducts assessments that are fair, flexible, valid and reliable and based on the principles of competency based training and assessment
  • Provides an assessment appeals procedure and opportunities for re-assessment
  • Provides academic support to students or referral to external agencies for additional learning support
  • Encourages employees to maintain their skills and undertake professional development activities
  • Encourages feedback and evaluation from its stakeholders
  • Does not infringe on any privacy legislation and treats all information on employees and students as private and will not release information to any third party without express written permission (unless required to do so by law)