Self Defence

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Self Defence

The primary purpose of this course is to help individual males or females to defend themselves in hostile situations, using empty hand to hand techniques, to manage a situation imposed by an attacker.

The following topic will be covering in the self defence program

  • Physiological behaviour of attacker
  • Fear Management and emotional control
  • How to maintain safe distance
  • Self-defence stance while dealing with physical threat
  • Different front grabs from attacker

Protecting yourself from the following scenarios:

  • Shirt  or collar grab from front
  • Shoulder grab front or behind
  • Bear hug from behind and front
  • Attackers arms around your waist
  • Attackers arms on top of your arms
  • Choking from behind
  • Straight punch defence
  • Hook punch defence
  • Deflection against miscellaneous strikes against you

The following escorting techniques are specific to the security industry dealing with non-compliant patrons from licensed venues presenting a physical threat.

  • Straight arms escort
  • Shoulder lock escort
  • Wrist lock escort

Aforementioned skills techniques will be taught by professional martial art instructor with many years of recognisied international experiance. This work shop will be conducted by Istvan Szasz from Budoandsport and Imran Ali SLED approved Security Consultant and Security Trainer and industry experiance for more than 15 years.

For more information for the course instructor Istvan Szasz please refer to the Wikipedia link.

Please contact our office for our work shop dates and special offers for the month!